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OCTOBER 18 & 19, 2024

Western Canada's Premier Powersports Show  is set to deliver plenty of fun, excitement, and new discoveries for riders of all styles, ages, and experience levels.  Riders, future riders, and lovers of the Off Roading and Sledding lifestyle will be able to check out some of the latest snowmobile  and ATV models for 2025, from the manufacturers.

 This annual two-day  event offers a prime opportunity to connect with outdoor enthusiasts from all over AB, BC and SK.  Edmonton has been host to this event for over 4 decades with a proven track record of success! - you won’t find a better chance to meet with a captive audience year on year.

The Alberta Snowmobile Show is produced in partnership with the Alberta Snowmobile Association

The Alberta Snowmobile Association is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of safe, responsible recreational snowmobiling in Alberta.
The Alberta Snowmobile Association is dedicated to providing strong leadership and support to member clubs to establish and maintain quality snowmobile trails which are to be used in a safe and environmentally responsible manner to further the enjoyment of organized snowmobiling.


ASA Memberships

Buying your ASA membership Trail Pass is your ticket to unforgettable snowmobiling this season. The regular price for a Trail Pass is $80, however, if you purchase prior to January 1, the cost is only $70. The least expensive trail passes in Canada! Your membership Trail Pass investment is used by the clubs and the ASA to maintain, build, sign and improve the trails on which you ride.
For details about membership, refunds or cancellations, please click here.

Why become a Member? Here’s where your money goes:
1) Club Trail Operation and Development
2) Almost 75
% of trail pass revenue benefits the club where you ride…. “Buy Where You Ride”
3) Funds are used for expenses ranging from fuel and insurance, equipment repair and signage, maintenance, bull- dozing, grading, brushing and clean up. The revenue even finances groomers.
4) Reinvestment by the ASA - Revenue received by the ASA is reinvested in a broad range of provincial programs to promote safe and environmentally responsible recreational snowmobiling, to provide strong leadership and support to member snowmobile clubs and set policies and strategies for the development of a system of safe trails. Programs are developed to benefit clubs and members alike. The remainder sustains the ASA itself. 

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